Choosing an HVLP System

Understanding HVLP
HVLP technology is the fastest growing market segment in the spray equipment industry. Not only is it a superior method of spraying because of the increased efficiency it provides, but it also offers the painter more control of the spraying operation. In addition to that, HVLP is a much more environmentally friendly method of spraying because of the reduction of emissions. You will quickly realize that HVLP is the only viable choice when selecting spray equipment.
What are the advantages of turbine HVLP spraying over conventional paint spraying?
  • 85% transfer efficiency which means about 50% paint savings
  • Moisture problems are virtually eliminated
  • Portability
  • Easy to learn you'll be an expert in no time!
  • Low overspray
  • Why do I need A Supplied Air Respirator?
    Today's paints are better than they ever have been. They are also more toxic than their predecessors. Isocyanates are what make the paint hard and shiny. Unfortunately, it does the same thing to the inside of your lungs. When you paint without fresh air, you run the risk of debilitating illness or even death. We have heard too many stories of friends who are crippled or have died as a direct result of breathing fumes while enjoying their hobby or earning a living.
    The Citation
    The CITATION HVLP Paint Sprayer and Respirator System is available with three or four stage turbine power for paint spray applications. A four stage sprayer will supply more pressure which will atomize paint for a finer finish.The CITATION includes a supplied air respirator powered by a separate air pump in one cabinet. Fresh Breathing Air is mandatory when spraying any polyurethane, or two part materials which produce isocyanates.
    The Axis HVLP Paint Sprayer
    The AXIS HVLP Paint Sprayer is available in three or four stage turbine power, which provides the power you need to atomize your material to a beautiful finish.All of our HVLP sprayers include a standard professional quality HVLP spray gun made by 3M/Accuspray for dependable finish results.
    The Marksman
    The MARKSMAN is especially designed for, but certainly not limited to the woodwork refinishing and modeling market and includes a powerful two stage turbine which is great for spraying materials such as:
  • Laquer
  • Stain
  • Dope
  • Varnish
  • Enamel
  • and a variety of Industrial Products